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Some RC Boat Fun at Lake Mojave, Nevada!

Lake Mojave, Nevada June 14, 2014 By: Mitch Bangert (aka Sam’s Dad!) … I just want thank my sponsor, Blais Racing Services, for keeping the Atomik 34 Cat Boat moving all weekend! I miss-judged a cable in the water and hit my rudder and right prop and had some major damage, but the fast thinking […]

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JBRL Round 1 IERC Raceway 3-8-2014

JBRL Round 1 IERC Raceway  3-8-2014   By Nick Blais:  JBRL seemed like it took forever to come this year. I showed up on Friday for some much needed practice and to get my cars set up to do battle. The whole Coyote Hobbies team showed up and helped all the Blais Racing Team out […]

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