Blais Racing Takes 3 at JBRL Round 7!

JBRL Round 7
SDRC Raceway, San Diego, CA

By: Chris Blais

Round 7 of the JBRL Series would take place at the huge SDRC Raceway facility in San Diego.  It’s been 2 years since I have been here and was looking forward to the weekend.  I arrived Friday to make sure I got a full days practice session in to be prepared for race day.  The track layout was really fast and flowing making for some incredibly close racing all weekend.

I had great qualifying runs in all my classes, my 4wd Buggy especially.  My Team Associated B44.2 was dialed in and hooked up with my Proline Electrons up front and VTR Suburbs in the rear.  In the 2nd qualifier I pulled together a win in my heat and put my Venom/ Tekin Powered, Coyote Hobbies B44.2 in 3rd qualifying position for the main event. In the main I make 1 of my own mistakes that put me in the back of the field but I kept it together and made it back up front.  Everyone was making mistakes and I kept getting into the crashed cars as the racing was so close the entire time.  In the end I would pull off a 3rd place podium in 4wd Buggy.

In 1/8 Scale E-Buggy was Venom/ Tekin powered car was working great and I was really excited for race day.  My car was hooked up with Proline MC Ions all the way around and my sweet Airtronics electronics.  I had 2 great qualifying runs setting me in 4th starting position for the main event.  There were about 8 drivers within 5 seconds of eachother in qualifying.  I had a great run in the main with 1 crash and some small mistakes and came away with a 2nd place finish behind Rudy Rico.

In Pro 4 SC I had 2 good qualifying runs putting me near the middle of the pack.  In the main event I really struggled and made a lot of mistakes.  I did my best to finish the race but it was definitely one of my worst ever runs.  It happens sometimes but I guess that’s why I race 3 classes at these events.  Thanks to everyone for all their support: Blais Racing, Coyote Hobbies, Proline, Venom, Airtronics, & Tekin!  You guys rock!

Mod 4wd Buggy:  David Jensen 1st,  Jimmy Barnett 2nd, Chris Blais 3rd

Mod 4wd Buggy: David Jensen 1st, Jimmy Barnett 2nd, Chris Blais 3rd

1/8 Scale:  Rudy Rico 1st, Chris Blais 2nd, David Jensen 3rd

1/8 Scale: Rudy Rico 1st, Chris Blais 2nd, David Jensen 3rd

By: Nick Blais

JBRL heads to SDRC in San Diego CA for round 7. I cruised down Friday for some practice on the new layout. Coyote Hobbies had a full row of pits reserved for the Blais Racing crew to join in. All my vehicles were dialed on Proline clay ions. The track was hooked up, very fast and consistent everywhere. It would be up to my venom/ Tekin powered cars to get me around the super fast track.

Qualifying went pretty smooth for me. I would put together some pretty fast runs but there would be just too close of racing to make it all the way to the top of the pack. My Proline pro 2 truck would be my average run of the day with a mid pack qualifying position. I would settle for 6th pro 2 on the grid, 7th for 1/8 scale and 3rd for pro 4.

Race 11 1/8 scale was off to the standard 10 minute race. My Venom/ Tekin power would not let me down. We ended up taking off about 6pm. After the start I would make a few costly mistakes and that was to pay a huge toll on this huge fast track as it was super hard to make any time up with it as simple as it was. Surprisingly I would almost make it back up to a podium position for a few minutes and then David Jenson would come out of nowhere and pass two of us to place third. I would bring it home to a 5th place finish.

Race 16 Pro 4 was off to a smooth start for me. On the second lap Rudy would make a sweet pass on Dunford and he would go big and try to take the spot back from Rudy. Those two collided and that sent Rudy into my line and we were to run into each other. Then from what Jimmy “seen” me run into him which I didn’t but I had to surrender the spot anyway. I was pretty bummed about that because I couldn’t focus after he kept going on and on about what he sees goes. Anyway I would run pretty strong and end up 6th place

Race 19 Pro 2 My Proline Pro 2 truck was hooked up all day. I wanted to make some early passes to try and get to the front. At this point the track was getting dry but super hooked up in the main line. I got out of that line a little and then I spun out letting a few pass. After that I just chased and chased but you couldn’t really push too hard as the track bit me in other races already. I would put my Proline pro 2 SC truck up to 4th my best finish to the entire weekend.

I would like to thank Coyote Hobbies Raceway, Proline, Venom, Airtronics, Tekin and Blais Racing Services for all the support. It wouldn’t be possible without all the great sponsors out there! See you all at the next race!

Martin Blais would finish up the weekend with a 3rd Place Podium spot in Sportsman 4wd SC.  Great Job Dad!  Thanks to Martin and Susan Blais for all the Great Videos!

Sportsman 4wd SC:  Joe Veinot 1st, Cheo Ramirez 2nd, Martin Blais 3rd

Sportsman 4wd SC: Joe Veinot 1st, Cheo Ramirez 2nd, Martin Blais 3rd

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