Blais Racing Takes 2 Podiums at JBRL Round 9 Finals!

JBRL Round 9
Hot Rod Hobbies Raceway

By: Chris Blais

Round 9 of the JBRL finals would be held at the home track “Hot Rod Hobbies”. For all large events the track here is run dry and Blue Groove. I made sure to order up a supply of Proline X2 compound tires for all my race vehicles. The weather was great all weekend and never got above 80 degrees which really helped tire wear. I put as many batteries through my B44.2, Losi SCTE, and Losi 8ight 3.0 that I could on Friday practice.

In 4wd buggy I was hooked up and fast with Proline X2 Transistors on front and Proline X2 Suburbs on back. This car was dialed the first Venom battery I ran though it with my Tekin RSX / 6.5 motor and Airtronics electronics. I was really comfortable and could drive the wheels off it right away. In the 1st qualifier I would break and had to watch the race from the sidelines. In the 2nd qualifier I would put together a decent run and qualify 7th in the fast field. For the main event I was ready to go and got nailed in the back in the first turn when I checked up. I would be left there for awhile in last place then began my race. I caught up to the pack right away and starting picking guys off. I would make it up to the front group about mid race and it was on. I drove the wheels off my B44.2 and was able to finish 3rd place. I would finish up 5th Overall in this class for the 2014 season.

4wd Mod Buggy: Brian McDuffie 1st, Jimmy Barnett 2nd, Chris Blais 3rd

4wd Mod Buggy: Brian McDuffie 1st, Jimmy Barnett 2nd, Chris Blais 3rd

In Pro 4 I made a bunch of changes to my truck before the race including the 15 degree steering blocks.  This really helped the truck be less sensitive but I spent most of the day changing my truck around to work with these steering changes.  My first heat was a little slow and I was pretty far back in qualifying.  I changed the truck again and my second heat was better setting me in 6th qualifying position.  In the main event I would run a pretty clean race and come out with a 4th place finish for the day.  I would finish up 7th Overall in Pro 4 for the 2014 JBRL season.  I used Proline X2 Suburbs all around with Airtronics radio, Tekin RX8 Speed Control, Tekin Pro 4 Motor, and Venom 60c 5600 Batteries.

1/8 Scale E-Buggy would be last on the list for the day.  I was able to put together 2 solid qualifying runs with my Losi 3.0 buggy.  I was on rails with my Proline X2 Blockades all around and qualified 2nd.  We started off our 10 minute main event and I was running really fast and clean.  I would settle into 3rd position and would just hang around there most of the race.  David Jensen made a couple of mistakes allowing me to catch up and battle with him for awhile until he went for the double and I was doing the triple.  We collided in the air and I was forced to wait for him as it was my fault.  Once he got back around I was going good until my batteries started to die with less than 1.5 minutes to go.  I had my voltage limiter off so I was able to start cruising without the car shutting off.  I was barely able to finish and still got 3rd!  I would finish up the season in 3rd Place Overall in 1/8 Scale E-Buggy.  I was using Proline X2 Blockades, Venom batteries, Airtronics Radio, and Tekin RX8 with T8I 1950 motor.

1:8 Scale E-Buggy: Rudy Rico 1st, David Jensen 2nd, Chris Blais 3rd

1:8 Scale E-Buggy: Rudy Rico 1st, David Jensen 2nd, Chris Blais 3rd

Thanks to all our sponsor that help us out!  Coyote Hobbies, Blais Racing Services, Proline, Venom, Tekin, & Airtronics.  You guys rock!


By: Nick Blais

JBRL heads to the final round in Saugus CA for Round 9. I headed up to the track early Saturday Morning being that I couldn’t make it up there on Friday after work. The full Blais racing crew would reunite after I missed the last event. After some well needed practice as I was pretty rusty. My vehicles were dialed on Proline X2 compound tires. Matt Wallace even dialed me in with a tire called the fugitive and those were the trick for the 1/8 scale. The track was hooked up, very fast and consistent everywhere. It would be up to my venom/ Tekin powered cars to get me around the super fast track.

Qualifying went pretty smooth for me. I would put together some pretty fast runs but there would be just too close of racing to make it all the way to the top of the pack. My Proline pro 2 truck would be my average run of the day with a mid pack qualifying position. I would settle for 4th pro 2 on the grid, 7th for 1/8 scale and 4th for pro 4.

Race 16 Pro 2 was off to another good start and I was running in a podium spot for a decent time and then the triple jump just kept getting me. Lap after lap that puppy got me and I would fall back and back. I made up a few spots as some trucks couldn’t take the beating that the Proline Pro 2 SC truck could. I would end up finishing up 6th place.

Race 20 Pro 4 was off to a smooth start for me. After a few laps in I was right there for the lead as Jenson went flying over the side of the triple and made me just a little off my line and on the gas late to make the next jump. After I was to get off line and trying to continue on I couldn’t get it back together and that pretty much put me in the back of the pack. I was to charge hard after that and come away with a 6th place finish.

Race 23 1/8 scale By this time it was getting dark out and the lights were on. This race started really good as I would get off the line fast and rail the outside of the turn and pass Casper. I would not push myself as I made a wide second turn and he snuck right back by. I would continue to follow as the triple jump started to play its toll on Casper. We went back and forth a few times but at the end I would not be able to better of a 6th place finish for the weekend.

At the awards ceremony at the end of all our racing season they would give out car/truck kits. Proline was dishing out huge ($200) tire credits, venom was giving out batteries and best of all Jimmy was giving out payback for the top 5 racers. This is a pretty legit series (literally best in the business) if anyone new out there is wanting to give it a go.

I would like to thank Coyote Hobbies Raceway, Proline, Venom, Airtronics, Tekin and Blais racing Services for all the support. It wouldn’t be possible without all the great sponsors out there! See you all next year!

Sportsman 4wd Year End: Kyle Hidalgo 1st, Brian Sweany 2nd, Martin Blais 3rd

Sportsman 4wd Year End: Kyle Hidalgo 1st, Brian Sweany 2nd, Martin Blais 3rd

1/8 Scale E-Buggy Year End: Rudy Rico 1st, Ryan Dunford 2nd, Chris Blais 3rd

1/8 Scale E-Buggy Year End: Rudy Rico 1st, Ryan Dunford 2nd, Chris Blais 3rd

2014 JBRL Elec Rd 9 HRH
Series Finish Points

Thanks to Martin and Susan Blais for all the Great Videos!


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