Blais Racing Takes 2 Podiums at JBRL Round 8!

JBRL Round 8
IERC Raceway, CA

By: Chris Blais

Round 8 of the JBRL Series would take place at IERC Raceway facility in the Inland Empire.  The last time I was here was for JBRL Round 1.  I arrived Friday to make sure I got a full days practice session in to be prepared for race day.  The track layout was fun but had some hard to see areas and racing was tight.

First up this time was 1/8 Scale E-Buggy.  My Tekin/ Venom Powered Losi 8ight 3.0 was working great and I was able to pull off 2 good qualifying runs with my hooked up Proline Ion tires.  I would be sitting in 4th for the main event.  In the main I had a great run and when we finally got about a minute in I kept up my same consistent pace and came away with a 3rd Place Podium position behind Rudy Rico and Ryan Dunford.

1/8 E-Buggy Podium:  1st Rudy Rico, 2nd Ryan Dunford, 3rd Chris Blais

1/8 E-Buggy Podium: 1st Rudy Rico, 2nd Ryan Dunford, 3rd Chris Blais

The 2nd class of the day would be 4wd buggy.  I put in 2 ok runs but it wasn’t enough to compete with the Top 8 guys that were railing.  I would end up qualifying 3rd in the B-main.  In the main event I was able to get passed David Jensen by the 2nd turn and then I accidentally spun out Tyler Fenster a few turns later.  Then while leading I got hit by Casper accidentally also then another driver just after that.  Stuck on the pipe I would be last and the turnmarshall would just be staring at my car but not moving.  By the time I got going again I would be 3/4 of a lap down.  I would finish up the race but would let the other drivers pass so I didn’t mess up their race.  It would be one of those races that just didn’t work out.

Pro 4 would be the last class I would race of the day.  I played it too safe in my qualifying runs and would be in the 7th position for the main event.  I was just off the fast pace all day in Pro 4 and would finish up the main event in 6th position.  I had a great time and can’t wait till the next and Final JBRL next month at Hot Rod Hobbies!  Thanks to everyone for all their support: Blais Racing, Coyote Hobbies, Proline, Venom, Airtronics, & Tekin! You guys rock!  Thanks to my parents for everything you guys do for us at the races.  Mom you are awesome!

By: Martin Blais

Round 8 of the 2014 JBRL ended up in the Inland Empire at IERC Raceway after Air Dawg Raceway closed its doors a few months ago.

Susan and I cruised down Thursday night to get our great parking spot that Larry and Deb sets us up with. When we woke up Friday to get ready for some practice on the new layout, found out the outside temps were going to be around 100 degrees, but inside of IERC they have those great coolers that keeps the heat outside.

The track layout was fun, and flowing. With a lot of elevation changes my 4×4 truck setup really liked it. It would be my Proline Ions and my Venom/ Tekin powered cars to get me around the track but it was still a bit loose.

Matt Wallace from Proline showed up and he had the new Electron short course tires with him and asked us if we would like to try them. WHAT A DIFFERENCE those made; a tire that didn’t even seem to need to be broken in and worked on the first battery pack.

Qualifying in 4×4 went really well for me and I took the TQ spot in both heats by only a half a second in front of Kyle Hidalgo. In my Proline Pro 2 truck I did have some traction issues as they watered much more on race day than they did on practice day and I am not as good driving on the slippery surfaces as I would like to be with two wheel drive.

Race 15 Expert Stock Short Course A Main with my Proline Pro 2 truck would be my worst run of the day. I would have to settle for 5th on the grid, and a sixth place finish.

Race 23 Sportsman Pro 4 A Main had 9 people lined up and it was off to a smooth start I thought for everyone.  Kyle and I would swap the lead back and forth about five times I think and only a few times did we touch each other. Turned out to be an exciting race and I finished second in the race and to see a big excited smile on my son’s face was really great to see.

Sportsman 4wd Podium: 1st Kyle Hidalgo, 2nd Martin Blais, 3rd Joe Veinot

Sportsman 4wd Podium: 1st Kyle Hidalgo, 2nd Martin Blais, 3rd Joe Veinot

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