🏁 Unleashing Power and Determination: Can-Am Maverick X3 in BITD Vegas to Reno! 🌵

Join us for an extraordinary journey as we dive into the heart of off-road racing with the incredible Chris Blais, a paraplegic wheelchair-bound factory Can-Am racer. In this thrilling adventure, Chris takes on the BITD Laughlin Desert Classic, steering his specially modified Can-Am Maverick X3 through the challenging terrains of the Best in the Desert series.

👊 Wheelchair-Bound Warrior: Chris Blais Former factory Honda and KTM racer turned factory Can-Am competitor, Chris Blais is not just a racer; he’s a symbol of resilience and determination. Despite being wheelchair-bound, Chris fearlessly takes on the desert, showcasing the true spirit of what people with disabilities can achieve.

🏆 Pro Unlimited UTV Class: Witness Chris Blais competing at the highest level in the Pro Unlimited UTV class. His Can-Am Maverick X3, equipped with adaptive technologies, takes on the best in the business in the BITD series, proving that obstacles are merely stepping stones to victory.

🌟 From Factory Honda and KTM to Can-Am: Explore Chris Blais’s remarkable journey from being a factory racer for Honda and KTM to becoming a force on the Can-Am racing team. Learn how his expertise and passion have transitioned into a new chapter of off-road excellence.

🏎️ Can-Am Maverick X3: Get an up-close look at the powerhouse machine that propels Chris through the desert – the Can-Am Maverick X3. Specially modified for accessibility, this vehicle is a testament to Can-Am’s commitment to inclusivity in motorsports.

🌵 BITD Vegas to Reno: Take a ride through the challenging terrains of the 2023 Vegas to Reno, a prestigious event in the Best in the Desert series. Experience the dust, the adrenaline, and the sheer determination as Chris navigates the course in pursuit of victory.

🙌 Inspiring a Movement: Chris Blais’s journey extends beyond racing; it’s a call to action for everyone facing challenges. Witness the spirit of triumph, the power of adaptation, and the inspiration to push beyond perceived limits.

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