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Ricky Brabec Vegas to Reno 2013 Race Report!

Ricky Brabec Vegas to Reno 2013 Race Report!

Vegas to Reno Race Report. Enjoy
Aug. 16/2013


Coming back from each BITD race, Tyler Renshaw and myself start to seek sponsorship for the up coming BITD races due to our privateer life chasing our dreams, having fun, hitting the road with our best friend and main pit guy Kyle Mangels. BITD has me locked in, i love this series and i will race every single event possible and to do so, ...sponsorship is needed and luckily we both know pretty amazing people and I would like to thank the following, Precision Concepts, RPP, Oneal, ZLT, Filmtek, my family & Friends thanks for all you do you guys are great people and made this possible for us. We appreciate it.

This race for the both of us was super last minute and we weren't sure if we could make this one. We were barely able to make the draw thanks to RPP, who handled that for us and we drew 4th. Coming into each BITD event, its set in my mind that I can do this and get the overall. Knowing we would be starting 4th this was going to be tough getting up front.

I had been practicing for this race for a while, training and eating right. I felt great in races prior to "vegas to Reno" so I knew i was in great condition. Day of tech, we get there, get all of our stuff dialed in and ready for race day. Now we just hang out until the riders meeting and talking to other competitors.

After the meeting, we head to Beatty where the start of the race would be. On the way, we make a dinner stop at my girlfriends house to have a great carb loaded home cooked meal, which was amazing. Thank you!!

Race day 4:30 AM. August 16, 2013 Time to get up eat some breakfast and head to staging at 5:15am. First bike off the line at 5:45am and no the sun is not up all the way or even close to getting up.

The N27 bike "us" now starts 3rd because of one drop out so we got a bit lucky due to the dust factor between first two pits. We are off the line 5:47am! I was feeling great making up time trying to gap the N1 bike of Dave Sara N David Pearson & Robby Bell which started one minute back and also trying to catch the leaders.

The start is my favorite part of the race and I was comfortable with it since i had done it last year. I was super familiar with it in the dust and just pushing through riding as hard as I could and being safe at the same time.

I had made up some decent time on the N17 bike that started in front of me but the dust was just to thick and made it hard to make a pass between pit 1-2 where I had gained most of my time up coming into pit 2 about 5 seconds back. Our plan was to switch every other pit to stay fresh and push our hardest for the 70+ mile stints. Ty wasn't able to make a move due to dust, we should have had them passed earlier instead we were road blocked. However thats racing and its not easy to pass in the Nevada dust at 100mph.

After we got around the N17 bike at pit 4 the race got more interesting. Ran all day without any bike or pit problems with the exception of N1 breathing down our back!

In my mind, we are all safe and back home it was a great day. The Precision Concepts, RPP Kx 450 ran great all day! Ty and I rode about the same amount of miles so neither of us got shorted on the race course. I was chosen to do the finish and unlike the rest of the BITD Vegas to Reno, the finish is probably the worse section on a bike. No its not wide open road - its jeep trails with a bunch of rock stuck in the ground; one tip over could end your race 5 miles from finish.

We had finished around 3:00pm took us around 9 hours to go 560 miles.

We are home safe! Thanks to everyone that made it possible for us to race with our off road families and see you at the next one.



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