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Engine Rebuilding


Engine Rebuilding Prices

KTM, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Husqvarna, Polaris

4-STROKE Complete Rebuild, 2000 and newer bikes only!

Tear down entire engine, inspect and replace parts as needed. This includes the transmission, clutch, crankshaft, oil pump, water pump, engine bearings, cam, cam chain, cylinder, head, valves and seats. On reassembly we deglazed the cylinder and install a new piston. De-carbon and rebuild the head with new valves, cut seats, replace guides and seals as needed. The crankshaft is rebuilt or replaced as needed. Prices below are with the engine out of frame.
Complete Engine Rebuild (labor only) includes 3 angle valve job.
Japanese  $575
KTM's  $650
Top End Rebuild Only (labor only) includes 3 angle valve job.
Japanese $400
KTM's $450
We also offer single oil system modifications for 2008-2011 KTM 450/ 530 XC-W and EXC Models.  Cases must be split for this modification and additional cost is $150.  Get rid of the terrible KTM split engine oil design.  This is the only way to get rid of the oil transfer problem known on these models.  We also offer upgraded Aluminum oil pump gears for your KTM 450/530 XCW/ EXC.  We have a ton of experience with this engine and know how to make it last.

2-STROKE Complete Rebuild

Tear down entire engine, inspect and replace parts as needed. This includes the transmission, clutch, crankshaft, engine bearings, power valve water pump and cylinder. On reassembly we deglazed the cylinder and install a new piston. The crankshaft is rebuilt or replace with new main bearings and seals.

Complete Engine Rebuild (labor only)

Japanese Bikes $325
KTM’s $350

Top End Rebuild Only (labor only)

Japanese Bikes $ 150
KTM’s $175
Machine Work
Valve Jobs  $180
Install New Valve Guides  $50 each includes guide
Rebuild 4-stroke Crank $180 Labor
Rebuild 2-Stroke Crank $140 Labor
Shave KTM 2-Stroke 250/300 Cylinder Head $80
Diamond Hone Cylinders $40
Balance 2008-16 KTM 250/ 300XC Crank $250
Port and Polish 4-Stroke Cylinder Head $250
Port and Polish 2-stroke Cylinder $200-$250
The prices above are labor costs only. Complete Rebuild price is with engine out of the frame. To R&R engine from the frame add $150 for most models.  A compete estimate and suggestions are made once the engine is torn down. Performance parts, porting and other engine modifications can be added and is usually less expensive when done during the rebuild. 
Offroad Engine Shipping Services:  For our out of area/ state customers we charge $100 Flat Rate Return Shipping of your engine with insurance.  Please ship in a 48 quart or larger ice chest for a 2-Stroke Engine and a 54 quart or Larger Ice Chest for a 4-Stroke Engine.  This is the best method for shipping and offers the best protection available.  These are very inexpensive from Walmart or Amazon. 
A complete estimate will be made upon engine disassembly. All parts that are needed will be replaced at additional cost upon your approval. This will include items such as damaged cylinders that need re-plating, case damage, head damage, gears, forks and clutch parts. These prices are calculated with the engine out of the frame.  If you bring compete motorcycle the price will be about $150 more for complete engine rebuilds where I must remove the engine to work on it. In frame includes removing and reinstalling the engine, oil and coolant change, air filter service, general servicing as it relates to the engine, greasing the swing arm pivot and test ride.
Warranty: Due to the nature of and use of race engines most shops and re-builders do not offer a warranty of any kind. Blais Racing Services offers a limited warranty that covers faulty workmanship for thirty days. Manufacturers can only warranty their part if it breaks. Engine damage and or seizure due to jetting, dirt or lack of oil or coolant are never covered. You must check you fluids before riding. Thoroughly break in and the test your engine within the thirty day period. If you have any problems, unexpected noises or concerns please call immediately.
Shoot us an email preferably or call today!  760-961-9127.  You will get the quickest response by email as its easiest for me here.




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