Kyle Mercier with the Open A win at WORCS Taft!


WORCS Series
Honolulu Hills – Taft, CA


The Honolulu Hills Worcs race had some intense muddy conditions. The course looked flooded Friday afternoon for practice so I decided to skip it and just line up Saturday morning for 450 A.

I was able to get out to a 5th place start and make one pass into 4th right before I lost my front wheel causing me to drop back to sixth. I got back up and was charging hard behind a few 450s and when I went to make the pass I got caught in a water truck tire rut. I went down head first and wasn’t in any rush to get back on my motorcycle after seeing stars. By the time I got back up I was somewhere around 10th place in my class. I was able to shake off the crash and ride good again but would only rebound to 6th Place.

Later in the afternoon, I raced the Open A race where I got the holeshot and went for it! Around lap three and four I came across a lot of lapped riders and unfortunately got passed. I stayed on his rear wheel and was motivated to get him back. I was able to focus on myself and put the pressure on all the way to the end and take the victory for 1st Place Overall! I felt like I did very well with controlling my thoughts throughout the race and was looking forward to see how I do in Pro 2.

For the Pro 2 race I skipped the parade lap and got a third place start which quickly became fourth place after the second corner. Throughout the race I was battling for fourth place with fifth and sixth passing me both times on my two tip overs. Right into the high speed section after completing lap three I got cross rutted in razor ruts and got pushed to the second taking my wheel out of my hands and going down. As I regrouped and got going again I got passed by two riders and was now running sixth. I really didn’t start to push it yet because I knew I was a lot faster in the mud section right before the finish line so I got myself going good again and was able to make the past on the next lap when they pitted for gas and I went one more lap.

After my pit and I charged hard trying to find third anywhere on the track but he was out of site. I rode a few consistent good laps but as I got to the tricky mud section I sent it a little bit too fast causing me to cross rut and once again move to 5th. By this point I knew I was faster so I made the pass and had one lap to keep it going. By the end of the weekend I managed to place 6th in 450 A, 1st Open A, 4th Pro 2. Thank you Blais Racing for building my bike strong to finish with no bike problems in the mud! Onto the next two weekends of racing at Glen Helen. SEE YOU AT THE RACES!


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