Kyle Mercier with a 2nd Place Open A at Big 6 Racing Hilltoppers GP


AMA/Big 6 GP Series
Hilltoppers MC – 29 Palms, CA

BY: KYLE MERCIER, 2nd Place Open A

Heading up to the 29 Palms Big 6 race, I knew it was going to be high speeds and dusty. Saturday morning at 7:30 I went out for unclassified practice. It seemed like a full race out there the track was smooth and i was just trying to figure out the track with this being my first time at 29 Palms.

After practice my dad and I had to kill some time cleaning up my bike for the pro race at 2:30. By this time I was not very pumped about the track and felt down on energy. I lined up for the heavyweight expert race and managed to pull a 4th place start.

The track was so high speed so it made it very hard to pass as well as stay behind riders with all the rocks. On lap two I was holding it wide hoping I didn’t hit any big holes as it was totally dusty and a huge rock hit me right in the face almost causing me to crash. I saw stars for the next minute and pulled into the pit to get some new goggles that were not broken.

From lap three to lap five I was out of the zone just riding around. When lap 6 came around, I had caught up to 3rd place and immediately got in the zone again. I passed 3rd before and after once again when I pitted, then hunted down 2nd and had the best battle of the year. Matt Maple and I both had are 450F wide open. I kept trying to make a clean pass but was never able to until Robby Bell went down on the last lap. Matt and I were the first and second riders that saw him knocked out on the ground. Matt stopped and tried waking him up and I went to his pit crew and told them where he was.

At the end of the day I was happy to be battling as hard as I was and look forward to moving up to pro next year to hopefully have good battles every race. Thanks to Blais Racing Services for all the knowledge and help with my racing as well as my family for making it possible for me to get out to all the races every week and to all the companies that back us, thank you!


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