Kyle Mercier Taft Big 6 Racing Race Report!


AMA Big 6 GP Series
Taft, CA


The Big 6 Taft Grand Prix was high speed with slick sandy spots which forced me to ride a little on the edge. I didn’t feel great in practice since there was so many riders in the way and I had never really liked the Taft race course. When it came time to line up for the Pro race, I was pumped with the super long and straight starting line which was different from years before.

I got a great jump and ended up 6th into the first corner. This track is one of the trickiest so far with the first lap being very dusty and all the lead riders pulling a head quickly. I worked up to 5th by lap three and had no one else in my site. I ended up riding my own race and unfortunately wasn’t able to push my way into the top three.

I felt really good on the bike and made very little mistakes so I was shocked with the way the race ended. I’m looking forward to the next Worcs race with it being two weeks away right back at Taft. Hoping to capitalize on the track conditions and find my way to podium finish.

Thanks you to my parents for taking me out to the race this weekend and to Blais Racing Services.


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