Clayton Roberts tries to qualify for Mammoth MX!


Mammoth MX Qualifier


We decided that we were going to go to the Mammoth qualifier to qualify for my other class on Thursday. I was super excited and went straight to getting my bike prepped. I changed my gearing, tank, and muffler for Motocross and I couldn’t wait. Once Sunday came I was so ready. We got the the track and signed up. I had practice number 3 so I was glad I wouldn’t get the super sloppy practice. Once I got on the track I took a lap to figure everything out, then took my last two laps to push hard and get all the jumps down. I was feeling pretty confident with my riding on the track because there wasn’t a lot of jumps, just whoops and rollers and corners.

After all the practices the Moto schedule came out, I had Moto number 20! That was the last Moto of the day! I was thought ” Agg man, Were going to be here all day.” Once Moto 20 finally came around, I headed to the start line and got a decent gate pick. My friend Jeremy helped get my line all dialed in and get me all ready to go. Once the gate dropped I got an awesome start and was about fourth going into the first turn. I railed around the outside and came out in second. I tired to make a pass on the leader right away, but the inside rut left me with such a short run to jump the double, I couldn’t jump it or make the pass. I going passed by two kids just before the end of the first lap and was sitting 4th. I rode solid the rest of the way and fished 4th Supermini 1.

After the hour or two of waiting, I finally got to race my second Moto. I got another great second place start, but quickly got passed by two kids when I tried to take the inside rut and couldn’t jump the double. I had a good battle going for fifth until I made a slight mistake and got passed. I was all over the kid and was ready to pass him, then we got the checkered. I wasn’t paying attention to the flags and didn’t know it was the last lap. I was frustrated that I had just gotten beat like that, but nonetheless was still happy because I had qualified!
The day was great at 333 Mx Park for the Mammoth qualifier, I had a lot of fun racing Motocross with some of the fastest kids and improving my skills on the track, and the best part of all is that now I can go to Mammoth and race Supermini 1 and Supermini 2!


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