Clayton Roberts taking care of business at Taft Big 6 GP!


AMA Big 6 GP Series
Taft, CA


Lately I’ve been getting more comfortable on the track, and I was ready to race Round 2 of the AMA Big 6 series at Taft. We had left early Friday morning so that we could get there in time to get some Moto practice in. When we got to the track it was about 9:15 A.M. We got our spot all dialed in for the weekend and hit the track. The track was awesome! The track and some sweet jobs and there was green vegetation all around the track. After the track closed for Moto practice, we went over our bikes and made sure they were all ready for the morning. We had a fun night of hanging out with some friends and then went to bed at a decent time for our races the next day.

My first race was the Mini Intermediate class. I watched my dad in the Unclassified, and tried to see where the track went after the Mx section. I headed to the line for my race. When it was go time, they had us start with our left hand on the throttle and right hand on the rear fender. I got an awesome jump, but the girls on big bikes got passed me before the first corner. I was running 3rd OA and quickly made the pass into second place. Once we got to the back section, I got passed and fell back to 3rd. I was quick to make a pass and was sitting 2nd OA. I had pressure all over me for the entire first lap and got passed twice. I was running a solid 4th OA and 1st in class.

After the second lap, there wasn’t really anyone to close to me in either direction, so I really tried to just work on finding smother and faster lines. The checker flag came or for that race and I was still right where I was, 4th OA and 1st in class! I was stoked with my finish and really just had a positive attitude because of how much fun I had.

I headed back to the trailer and ate some lunch while I watched my dad race the Vet race. After his race I started to get ready for my next race, WCGP 86cc-200cc novice. When I got to the line, they told us the same thing. We would start with our left hand on the throttle and right hand on the rear fender. I got an awesome start again. I was second all over first for a few corners. Then I made the pass right before the step up. We got into the back section and I was already catching guys from the rows ahead of me. It was really dusty in some areas and other places were awesome. We came into a dusty section and I was still in the lead. I was riding the far left side trying to avoid all the square edges. That didn’t work out to well. My rear wheel caught a square edge and started skipping out on me. I went down and lost about 5 or 6 positions. I was frustrated with myself and put in a hard push to catch back up to the front of the pack. In the process of catching up, I caught up to a rider from a line in front of me. We were in the back section and I was right behind him coming into a turn and he stalled the bike. I was already on the gas wooing out of the corner and had to lock up the brakes causing me to stall also. I hit his rear wheel and ended up doing a giant nose wheelie. At this point I just started pushing hard to catch back up. I caught up and was in third place. We came into the motocross section, and there was a very hard dry corner. I got in the gas hard and started to slide out. I got to far side ways and high sided hard. I had tweaked my knee and my bike up a little, so I decided to pull off and rest up for the Supermini race the next day.

The next day rolled around and I lined up for the supermini race. The light changed green and all the superminis were off. I rode the longest wheelie ever down the start straight and never let off. I came into the corner in second and after the first few jumps, the leader blew the corner and went off the track giving me the lead. I lead the first lap and a half then was caught by second and third. They both got by my, but I stayed with them for a little before the started pulling away. I rode to a solid 3rd OA and 3rd Supermini Advanced!

All in all I had a great weekend racing in Taft. The course was awesome and I had an amazing time racing my dirt bike with all my friends! Photos by Mark Kariya


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