Clayton Roberts takes the win at Big 6, Hilltoppers GP


AMA/Big 6 GP Series
Hilltoppers MC – 29 Palms, CA


Seems like as I’m getting faster and faster on a bike the week goes by slower and slower before a race weekend. The race is on my mind all week and I cannot get the race off of my mind. This was the scenario for the 29 Palms GP that was coming up. It was a hectic week leading up to the GP with a lot of homework on Wednesday and a dinner outing with the family. Thursday I had a track meet for the High School and ran one of the best races ever, but since we were back late I didn’t have time to load up and we were planing on leaving Friday! After school Friday I came straight home skipping practice and did the little things I had not had time to do for the weekend to my bike like change the number plates and such. Once we had everything all loaded up and ready to go, it was already 7:00 P.M.! We left for 29 Palms and got there at about 8:30 P.M. We had been driving around looking for the best place to park and we saw sign ups and decided to scan my helmet and double check to make sure everything was correct since we had preregistered already. After we found our spot to park and camp for the weekend, we got everything unloaded and made sure everything was dialed for the morning.
When I woke up in the morning my first race was at 8:45, so I started getting ready as soon as I woke up. Once the first race was finished I went to the starting line and found a decent spot. We had to start with our right hand on the rear fender and left hand on the throttle. When the light changed green I switched my hands back as soon as possible. I had a great jump but got pulled by a big bike and came into the first corner second, but first in class. I had a good battle going with another kid in my class until I got held up by another rider going into the one lined finish shoot. I ended up with a solid second Mini Intermediate.

After that race I got my Supermini ready for the 125cc race. I made sure everything was all ready and I was fueled up with food. I went to the line and started to get in the zone. Once my row came, I did the same thing. I was barely beat to the first corner, but since 29 Palms is such a fast course it was really hard to stay with the 125cc Novices. I had a pretty good battles in that race and finished 5th 125cc Novice. Since that was my last race of the day I got ungeared and watched the pro race with my dad and some other friends. Once that had finished up we went back and washed up my Supermini as best as possible for the Supermini race on Sunday. By the time we had finished that up there was a live band playing and Supercross was getting ready to start on the big screen. It was getting windy and cold so my dad and I decided to go to bed so we could get some good sleep.

Morning came and I had signed up for the Unclassified. I wanted to get warmed up on the bike and be ready for the Supermini race. After unclassified I went back to the truck and got my goggles ready and everything. I was prepared. Then we were informed that another kid bike had blown up his bike and he needed points for his class. We told him he could race my 85cc and he was stoked. The race was at 9:30 so I headed to the starting line about 15 minutes early. My dad was helping me get mentally prepared and kept emphasizing that this was my race. He told me just holeshot and never look back. When the light turned green I got an amazing jump and holeshoted. I was charging hard and eventually there wasn’t anyone that close to me. I ended up with 1st Supermini Advanced and 1st Overall by 25 seconds! I was so stoked I just wanted to rev my bike super hard coming into the finish!
All in all I had a great weekend at the 29 Palms GP and I was glad I was able to help another rider out. I can’t wait for Primm! Photo Cred: Nate Wood



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