Clayton Roberts Big 6 Race Report, Primm Nevada!


AMA/D37 Big 6 Grand Prix Series
Primm, NV – Shamrocks MC
May 6-7


The Grand Prix at Buffalo Bills is always a great one. I love going there for racing because for one it’s out of state (barely) and it’s just a cool place with the hotel and everything being so close. Since this race is super family friendly, my whole family came out to the watch including my Grandpa who was visiting from Tennessee for a while.

We left for Primm Friday after school and made it there at about 7:30 P.M. I unloaded everything and then headed to sign ups to check in because we had already preregistered. I got all signed up and made sure everything was good for me, but my brother had been on the fence about racing for the longest time and never went for it, but decided it was time to go for it at Primm so we signed him up too. I was so excited because he had never raced and I love watching any of my close friends or family members race. I feel like I’m racing too because I get so into it and want them to do good so badly.

After we got him all signed up for his first race we headed back to the trailer and put his numbers on and my numbers on the side panels. After I finished up with the little bike prep I had to make sure I was ready first thing in the morning to race, we all went to bed and got some good rest. Morning came quick and I was up and ready for my first race. The Mini 0-85cc class. I headed to the starting line when it was go time and got in my zone.

Finally the light change green and I shot out like a rocket! I grabbed the holeshot and ran away with the lead. After the first lap I was still leading my class and 1st OA but a guy on a CR500 was closing the gab. Once he got around me I had nothing for him because there were so many straight aways, but I still kept charging and pushing hard. I rode solid the rest of the race and took 1st in class and 2nd overall. I ended up with a huge lead on the rest of my class so that gave me some more confidence going into my next races. After that race I went back to the trailer and relaxed. Once I felt ready to go run around I went and made sure my Supermini was 100% ready for the 86cc-200cc Novice class race. Once I finished that it was about time for my brothers race so I showed him where to go to get to the line and gave him the lowdown on what was going to happen during the race.

My next race was right after his so I watched his start and about the first half of his race then came back and watched him finish before I headed to the line. I got a semi decent spot, but when the light turned green I got a little wheel spin and got all turned into the guy next to me. I was dead last going into the first corner. I put my head down and charged the entire race making passes everywhere. There was never a point where I wasn’t catching up to people in my class or rows in front of me and having to pass them. I worked all the way up to second going out onto the last lap and my dad was showing me second and pointing to the leader how happened to be in front of my just a little way. I put in an extra hard charge on the final lap and came away with the Win in the 86cc-200cc Novice. I was so pumped on that result because it was against a bunch of 125cc and I was on an Supermini! I was so stoked. We washed up my bike as best as we could for the Supermini race the next day and settled in for the night.

I woke up early Sunday morning so I could ride the Unclassified and get my flow down again first before I went racing again. Once I finished that I got my goggles and everything ready for the Supermini race. When the time came I headed to the starting line and got focused. I was so ready I couldn’t wait.

The light turned green and I got an amazing start. I holeshoted and was only worried about getting away from the pack. We came into a set of rollers right off the start and at the end my apex for the corner was bad and I got passed. I was all over first and we had a good battle brewing. We had gapped third a decent amount after the first lap and I knew I could get the win. We came into a section on the truck track and it had just been soaked with water. My rear wheel hit a square edge and skipped out a little and since it was so slippery my tire couldn’t regain traction and slid down. I fell back to third but got up quick and started charging again. I was catching back up to second when I came into a corner and my front wheel hit a big braking bump right before the corner and when I tried to throw my bike into the corner my front wheel knifed and I went over the bars. I had fallen back to fourth now and when I got up my bars were super twisted up and I had to be turned to go straight. I finished the lap and rolled up to my parents so they could fix them and I got passed again. My dad shouted at me when I was taking off again, “Don’t give up!” and that was in my head the entire time. I kept charging until I was back into 4th and I could see 3rd going onto the last lap, but there was a lot to make up. I never gave up and got really close at the end. Coming into the finish shoot I saw him right before we entered it because he had run out of gas. I had gotten so lucky to still salvage that finish and good thing I kept pushing because if I was any farther back he would have had time to push it through.

Overall it was a great weekend! I had some good finishes and had fun the entire weekend. I was a little disappointed that I had made the mistakes that I did, but I just have to shake it off and go get them at the next one.
Photo Cred: Mark Kariya
Photo Cred: DAD


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