Chris Blais & Jeremy Gray take the Overall Win at AVE Pure 200 Round 3!


AVE Racing – Pure 200 UTV Series        
Round 4, California City, CA

By:  Chris Blais & Jeremy Gray, UTV PRO Turbo, 1st Place Overall!

It’s been awhile since we put out a race report, since the Sonora Rally.  We have been crazy busy in the shop working on dirt bikes and the race car.  The weekend after we returned from the Sonora Rally, we actually went out to Round 3 of the AVE Pure 200 in California City, CA.  We did the best prep we could on the race car in less than one week after winning the Sonora Rally.  I really just wanted to show up to get points towards the Championship, even though I knew the car wasn’t perfectly ready after racing 1000 miles in the Sonora Desert.

We had a great run going but ended up having fuel pump issues that kept the car going into limp mode.  We did finish that race and still ended up 3rd Place Overall.  After this race we decided to pull the engine for a full rebuild, along with many other components that were worn out after the 5,500 miles the car now had on her.

Round 4 of the AVE Pure UTV Series was this past weekend, and we would be starting 3rd off the line which was perfectly fine with me.  We caught the first two drivers within about 20 miles.  They were making many navigation mistakes and we went by them grapping the overall lead by the end of Lap 1.  On Lap 2, Jeremy and I were on our game and pulling away due to perfect navigation.

About ¾ through the 2nd lap, we would explode a belt for the first time ever.  I couldn’t believe it, then remembering we changed the belt intake system around.  DOH!  We had a good lead but the time we got a new belt on, we had just got passed.  Again, we charged on and got our physical lead back.  We backed it down for Lap 3 which went smoothly for us.  On Lap 4 I began to bring the pace back up and we exploded another belt and blew the housing apart.  We installed another belt and left the cover off this time.  While changing the belt we got passed again and were now in 2nd.

I told Jeremy I didn’t come here to lose so we charged as hard as we could to get back in the front.  Mitchell Alsup was in the lead car now and railing.  We were able to close up the 2-minute gap and came in the pits right behind them.  My gas man Gilbert Davila got us out of the pits quick and we were back in the lead again!  I know Mitchell doesn’t mess around so we pushed hard on the last lap.  We got stuck behind a couple of lappers which slowed us down a bit.  While trying to pass a lapper, Mitchell comes out of nowhere and passes both of us out in the bushes.  I put the charge on and slid back in front of him on the inside of a corner and the race was on.  We battled the last 20 miles with Mitchell never more than a few seconds behind us!  We made no mistakes and he couldn’t get around us at all with the dust and wind in our favor.  We held the lead to the finish for the Overall Win!  That was the best race I have ever had, and most intense!  Congrats to Mitchell Alsup and Bradley Howe for 2nd place and putting up an epic battle all day. Amazing day with only one 30 second penalty thanks to my navigator Jeremy along with the Fast Lap, while the 2nd place car received 6 minutes of penalties.

We had changed our belt and engine intake system around for this race and it did not work out in our favor.  Back to the trusty setup that has worked for us the last two seasons.  I can’t thank Tom Morris at UTV Shocks for the amazing suspension and coming out to the races to support us.  Big thanks to Andy at PWR Tune for getting us some custom tunes to work with after our engine rebuild and UMP intake addition.  Thanks to Kris Werth over at KWI Clutching for giving us the best setup and 100% reliability when I don’t screw with the cooling system, haha!  Also, a big thanks to Kenda Tires and Raceline wheels for getting me the best Tire/Wheel combo to compete on without any issues.  Thanks to Epowersteering for all your support and making it possible for me to race at these speeds with full control one handed.  Thanks to all our friends, family, sponsors that make it all possible for me to live my dream.  I look forward to what’s to come in the future and new ventures!

Race Results

Special thanks to all our sponsors who jumped back on board for our 2019 season. Thanks to everyone for believing in me!

Tom Morris/ (Best shock tuner I have ever had a chance to work with)
Eibach Springs (Best springs around that don’t sag!)
KWI Clutching (Kris Werth is the man!  My car rips and not a single belt issue all year)
RJ Fabrication (For the best looking car & roll cage out there)
Kenda Tires (Mastodon HT’s kick butt)
Raceline Wheels (Not a single wheel problem all year)
Baja Designs (Best lighting around, my sponsor for almost 20 years)
Impact Safety (Best helmets a guy could ask for)
PWR Tune (Awesome performance and customer support)
EPowerSteering (HD power steering unit so I can easily drive one handed)
Safecraft (Auto fire suppression to keep me safe as it’s harder for me to get out of the car)
Zollinger Racing Products (Amazing quality knuckles & hubs to handle the abuse)
RokBlokz (Sweet mud flaps and trailing arm guards)
Sector Seven (Mirrors that you can actually see out of and lights that work amazing)
Teixeira Tech (The best radius rods around)
Blud Lubricants (Best oil around)
Pops Powders (All our powdercoating needs)

Thank you again to everyone and I look forward to a great 2019 Race Season!

If your company is interested in working with us for 2019, let us know.  With our race team, we are able to promote your products along with selling them in our on-line store and shop!  We are also looking for a Title Sponsor to help represent our winning team for 2020! (714) 343-5263


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