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Clayton Roberts tries to qualify for Mammoth MX!

BLAIS RACING SERVICES RACE REPORT! Mammoth MX Qualifier LACR, CA 3/18-19 BY: CLAYTON ROBERTS, SUPER MINI We decided that we were going to go to the Mammoth qualifier to qualify for my other class on Thursday. I was super excited and went straight to getting my bike prepped. I changed my gearing, tank, and muffler […]

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Kyle Mercier with the Open A win at WORCS Taft!

BLAIS RACING SERVICES RACE REPORT! WORCS Series Honolulu Hills – Taft, CA 2/18-19 BY: KYLE MERCIER The Honolulu Hills Worcs race had some intense muddy conditions. The course looked flooded Friday afternoon for practice so I decided to skip it and just line up Saturday morning for 450 A. I was able to get out […]

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Kyle Mercier Taft Big 6 Racing Race Report!

BLAIS RACING SERVICES RACE REPORT! AMA Big 6 GP Series Taft, CA 2/4-5 BY: KYLE MERCIER The Big 6 Taft Grand Prix was high speed with slick sandy spots which forced me to ride a little on the edge. I didn’t feel great in practice since there was so many riders in the way and […]

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Kyle Mercier with a 2nd place 450A at BIG 6 Gorman!

BLAIS RACING SERVICES RACE REPORT! AMA/District 37 Big 6 Series Hosted by Prospectors MC, Gorman CA 11/6/16 By: Kyle Mercier, Open A, 2nd Place This was my first time heading up to Gorman, California to race the second to last round of the Big 6 Series. I left my house in Corona early Saturday morning […]

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