Ben Meza Western ISDE Qualifier Series Round 2 Race Report!


Western ISDE Qualifier Series Round 2
Boise, Idaho

BY: BEN MEZA, E3 Class

Day 1:
I was really excited to finally get to race after being mesmerized by the landscape surrounding the staging area. There were two tests we were going to be riding. The first being roughly 3 miles and the second closer to 5. We would ride both tests back to back and then have a short break. We’d repeat this a total of 4 times to finish out the day.

My first run through the year didn’t go as well as I wanted. I pushed really hard and it cost me. I made multiple mistakes and found myself on the ground twice. My arms pumped up and it was a struggle for me to hold on to my bike. The loops were very different with the first being very hilly with off-camber corners in very soft “beach” sand. The second was choppy and hard packed with multiple bowl turns as well as a motocross section.

As the day went on I focused on trying to push less and rather just flow. I got into a smooth rhythm and it showed as my tests times consistently dropped as the day progressed. Nonetheless I had screwed up early on in the day at it cost me.
I finished out day one in 15th OA and 5th in the E3 class.

Day 2:
Day two I knew what to expect and I tried to forget about my riding the day prior. I just wanted to be mistake free and I knew if I could accomplish that, fast times would follow.

As I headed into the first test I focused on finding smooth consistent lines that would get me out of the chop. Right off the bat I threw down a very fast time (compared to my times the day prior) without any mistakes. The second test went much like the first and I again didn’t make any mistakes just keeping myself on two wheels. As the day went on I got more aggressive and comfortable increasing my corner speed. This helped a lot with my confidence in myself and I eventually was able to take new lines that were working to my advantage. As I lined up for my last test I knew I had to throw down if I wanted to crack into the top ten (I was watching live timing and knew I was sitting 12th). As I was sent off onto my last lap I took lines I hadn’t even considered and everything was just clicking for me! After the last two tests I had dropped my time by 10 seconds. Enough to drop me into 9th Overall for the day and 4th E3!

I was really happy with my performance at the end of the day, but I was a little disappointed in myself for not finding that speed a little earlier in the weekend. Regardless, I had a great time this weekend and really want to give a shout out to the people that made it happen for me, Blais Racing, Noleen J6 Suspension Technologies, Delaney Drive Compnents, A’ME, Bullet Proof Designs, Fasst Company, Vonzipper, Stance, BRP, Pro Moto Billet, KTM USA, Kenda, Alpinestars, IMS, Atlas, my sister for helping Brendan and I out with everything this weekend, my fiancé Paige for allowing me to chase my dreams every chance I get, my parents for their non stop support and guidance, The Lord for blessing me with this life I live, and anyone else who has ever assisted with my program, their are so many I can’t list them all. Thanks you!!
(Photos by Kato)


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